Mobile Drive Thru

The concept

Mobile Drive Thru

Test2Sens® is an innovative project which has been the subject of several patent filings. This offers a mobile Proximity Laboratory solution, modular, suitable for setting up microbiological test samples for COVID-19 extended to other contagious diseases or other emerging diseases. This laboratory also helps meet health, safety and accessibility requirements. Microbiological collections by nasal or pharyngeal swabs can be extended to blood and urine collections.

An all-in-one space!

The Test2Sens® unit consists of different spaces :
• a sampling area with two side openings for a twoway drive according to the positioning of the people to test in vehicles.un espace laboratoire.
• a laboratory space.
• a sanitary space for the management of tests urinary.
• a pedestrian reception area can be substituted for one of the two drives.

Why Test2Sens® ?

• To master locally the technical and economic issues of Public Health within the globalized microbial ecology.
• Provide patients and practitioners with an optimal care pathway.
• Specifically target the infected population.
• Facilitate the performance of tests.
• Be as close as possible to the population
• Avoid the use of unsuitable and expensive municipal premises for disinfection.

The Test2Sens® team

Directed by a multidisciplinary team combining expertise in medical biology, architecture but also project management, Test2Sens is lead by the Biologist Samuel Roblin, the Architect Michel Gourion and the Designer Katie Hayon.

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